Litter picking habit 

For quite a few years now we’ve been picking up litter from our local area and beaches, I’ve written a previous blog on my ‘litter habit’.

So we jumped at the chance to join forces with The Outdoor Guides initiative with, Julia Bradbury, Keep Britain Tidy and Trail Magazine to encourage others to start (or continue) to pick up litter that has been so selfishly discarded in our environment, by providing a handy bag that can be stuffed in your pocket or backpack when out walking. 

All our guests are now receiving a bag to encourage litter picking whilst on our holidays plus we’ll be giving them out at promotional events when we showcase our tents and holidays.

You never know what you’ll find when out litter picking. It’s mostly cans, bottles and fast food containers but whilst out on a lovely walk along the Norfolk Coast we randomly found a teapot in the hedgerow, complete with lid.

Mark shouted “do we need another teapot for the business?” which you can imagine my response “What?”.

We now have a rather nice, brushed stainless steel teapot in our guests hampers and rather proud to have found something that has come in very useful. I must stress, it did clean up very well!

What is the most unusual ‘thing’ you have found whilst out litter picking?

What is the Litter Heroes Campaign? 

Every year Keep Britain Tidy carry out the Great British Spring Clean campaign and this year the hashtag was #LitterHeroes. They saw a record number of people taking part in cleaning up the streets and countryside throughout the UK so thought to keep the momentum they would carry on the use of #LitterHeroes

Did you know?

  • We dump 750 plastic bottles a minute
  • In England we discard 15 million plastic bottles a day
  • The amount of litter dropped yearly in the UK has increased by 500 per cent since the 1960s
  • An estimated 8.5 billion plastic straws are being thrown away each year in the UK
  • It costs taxpayers in excess of £500m annually to clear the streets of England, and that doesn’t include parks or other public spaces
  • The list goes on but we think you get the picture……

We’re very proud to playing a small part in such a great initiative with all these other partners:

You can sign up to receive your FREE bag by going to The Outdoor Guide website and join a family of #litterheroes today 

Plus please share your photos of your bags full of litter on social media by adding #litterheroes 

The Outdoor Guide and I just want to say a huge thank you for getting involved to help make this project happen. Without passionate people it would be even harder to make a change. Together we can at least try our best to save our planet!”

Thank you



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