Who watched Blue Planet 2 on Sunday?? How incredibly sad was it to watch the hump back whale carrying her dead pup??

Plastic!!!! Grrr………what are we doing to our wonderful world??

I must have been litter picking for a few years now. It all started on my daily dog walk, I was more and more conscious of how much litter was selfishly discarded along our hedgerows and country lanes and couldn’t walk past any longer.

As a dog walker I always have a pocket of poop bags. So I decided to do my bit by picking up just enough litter to fill one poop bag. It’s amazing how much you can get in a poop bag and you do become a tad obsessed!  

Starting a new business meant I obviously had to embrace social media for marketing but this proved very beneficial as not only was I marketing my business but it opened up so much information on others who were also ‘doing their bit for the environment’, just on a much larger scale.

Martin Dorey is an absolute inspiration when it comes to encouraging people to do their bit. I remember watching his TV series when he travelled round Britain in a VW Campervan, cooking up culinary delights from local produce (which we also love to do in our old motorhome). He’s a passionate surfer who has introduced the #2minutebeachclean after noticing just how much plastic was floating in our sea’s and washed up on our coastlines. It’s such a fantastic way to educate people on the effects our waste is having on the environment but also to get people to be proactive in thinking about how they discard their rubbish and to top it all off encouraging people to responsibly pick up the rubbish on our beaches and start to make a difference. We are all encouraged to share our photo’s of our beach cleans on social media, which I think is fantastic. It provides so much evidence of where and how much litter is being washed up and also makes you feel included within a virtual family of passionate people who want to make a difference.

As a business who tries to be as eco friendly as possible, we’ve included information on the #2minutebeachclean in our guests tents. Hoping to encourage others to start beach cleaning….. 

We can all get involved. There are so many ways now to ‘do your bit’.

Local beach clean organised by an amazing volunteer

There are regular beach cleans organised all over the country, where all equipment needed is provided. All you need to do is turn up and give as much time as you can to help clean up our beaches.

Or think about picking up some litter whilst out on a walk. Take a bag with you so you have no excuse not to!

Think about how you can cut down on single use plastics, how you buy your groceries (so much is packaged in plastic), what you throw away…..

I could go on and on about this subject, but I won’t overload you. If you would like to find out how you can get involved and start to do your bit, click on the links below:

Surfers Against Sewage 

Marine Conservation Society


Litter collected on a beach clean

Get your friends and family involved!


I do feel part of a very big family of ‘litter pickers’ and do you know what……I’m rather proud to be a very small part of such a wonderful family.

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