My adventure….a year on (2)


So many ways to do this these days but for me, I still think it’s good to talk!

Communication is something that comes up time and time again as one of the most important elements in business, it can very quickly become overlooked due to many reasons, but usually it’s down to excessive workload and lack of time keeping and organisation.

Good to talk…

From the beginning of ‘my adventure’ I was adamant that communication would be my top priority with all our stakeholders, no matter how busy or tired I got.

I’m not a business or management specialist but I know that, for me, how I’m greeted and spoken to makes a big difference on the outcome of whether I would like to engage with that person and pursue a conversation and ultimately form a partnership with them.

Starting a new business is never going to be easy but looking back over the last year, communication has been key in all areas of building respect and trust with all our stakeholders:

  1. Social Media – OK I have to admit, this wasn’t an area I new anything about really when I first started and was quite negative towards but it was my Sister (who built our wonderful website) that sat me down and gave me a good talking to, making me realise that I had to embrace Social Media if I wanted people to know about MarGins. So, after a very nervous first Tweet and Facebook post I now view Social Media very differently and have made some fantastic contacts because of it. My top tip (Ha! hark at me now) would be to keep your profile relevant to your business but give your followers a glimpse of who the person behind the posts are
  2. Emails – Great for sending information, confirming details and (sometimes) making initial contact with people. In my last job I couldn’t believe that colleagues were emailing each other when their office was the other side of the corridor or even in the same office….what’s that all about?? If you need an answer quickly, emailing is not the way to communicate, pick up the phone (or walk across the corridor to talk face to face!). We all know replying to emails (even with good intentions initially) can very quickly become a low priority as more and more emails drop into your inbox
  3. Texts – again, fine for confirming details, updates and small talk but really not good for conversations
  4. Face to face and/or telephone – Ultimately, I’ve found this still to be the best method. As soon as you hear someones voice or meet face to face, you can start to build a relationship that you just can’t do as effectively via an electronic conversation. Do make sure you know what you want to get across though, keeping it as simple and clear as possible, time is precious and limited, so make the most of the time of you have by making a good first impression

I’ve met amazing people on my journey over the last year, forming great partnerships with all the business’s we work with. All of our guests have been an absolute delight to meet and I’m pleased to be able to say there really haven’t been any real problems or concerns we’ve had to address. Of which I’m convinced is all down to good communication, actively listening and by building that trust and honesty from the first time contact is made.

Whoa! that was a bit full on from this little Ol’ tent elf 🙂

Lets have a look at what the actual definition of communication is:

The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium (The Oxford Dictionary) 

I think that sums up what I’ve just said………

“It’s good to talk….”





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