MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

My adventure….a year on (2)

Communication! So many ways to do this these days but for me, I still think it’s good to talk! Communication is something that comes up time and time again as one of the most important elements in business, it can very quickly become overlooked due to many reasons, but usually it’s down to excessive workload and lack of time keeping and organisation. From the beginning of ‘my adventure’ I was adamant that communication would be my top priority with all our stakeholders, no matter how busy or tired I got. I’m not a business or management specialist but I know that, for me, how I’m greeted and spoken to makes a big difference on the outcome of whether I would like to engage with that person and pursue a conversation and ultimately form a partnership with them. Starting a new business is never going to be easy but looking back over the last year, communication […]

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SBS Winners Badge

Goldfish to a Dragon

I’ve never really won anything before, except a goldfish at the fairground when I was a little girl! So when @marginsholidays was announced as a winner by Theo Pathitis at the end of February on Twitter, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I only started embracing Social Media at the end of 2016 when we launched our website and started the promotion and marketing of MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays. I have to confess I didn’t even know what a # meant! But I got my head down and started to learn. It was at a networking event in Norwich that I met a lovely lady from Agent Shave. They had only launched their business a few weeks before as well. She was over the moon as Agent Shave had just become winners of the Theo Pathitis Small Business Sunday #SBS competition on Twitter and she thought this was something MarGins should do to gain followers and support […]

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