My adventure….a year on (1)

As business starts to quieten down and we are approaching the end of our season, I can finally start to reflect on my first year in business.

It was September last year that I made that big decision to ‘give my idea a go’. I’m sure business guru’s will cringe at my terminology but that’s exactly how I felt at the time. It’s not an easy decision to make, there is so much at stake but I knew I had to give it a good go… just felt right. Plus there’s that Ol’ cliche “if I don’t do it now, I never will…”.

It’s hard to describe the feelings, thoughts and emotions you go through making the decision to start a new business, especially when it’s such a new concept. Just because I liked the idea doesn’t mean that others will but I really believed in it and I think that’s the drive you need to make it work.

In it together!

I was very lucky that my husband was fully on board with the idea, knowing that it would be a complete lifestyle change for us. He would have a big role to play in the business, on top of his full time job.

Life has certainly changed, setting up a business is pretty full on, especially when you are doing it all yourself. You can say goodbye to a social life, shopping trips, holidays, eating out and even evenings relaxing with a good book or watching TV, Oh yes….and sleep! But somehow, this just all becomes the norm and as you start to see the foundations of your idea start to develop and become reality it gives you that motivation and energy to keep going.

I do have a varied background of which I can now really see more than ever, how I’ve utilised my previous skills and experience. I’ve been asked many times during the last year what my background is. At first I would say that it’s quite an eclectic one that doesn’t include the tourism sector but as time went on I realised my background had everything to do with my new business idea. It was my adorable Mother who saw it first (don’t they always!).

I’m going to leave it there for now but just before I go, I’m going share with you the paragraph I wrote in one of my first blogs:

I’ve been asked a few times how it feels to set up a completely new business and up till now I’ve struggled to find an answer that I feel sums up how I’m actually feeling. I have been saying that it’s “scary and exciting all rolled into one” but after some reflection I’ve realised the answer is:

An adventure; An unusual and exciting or daring experience (Oxford dictionary)

Go for it!

Do I still feel like this?……..damn right I do 🙂

To be continued…….


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