50th Anniversary of Norfolk’s AONB


I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love our Norfolk Coast!

So, to be invited along to the 50th Anniversary of our beautiful Norfolk Area’s of Outstanding Natural Beauty Anniversary celebration on Sunday was an absolute honour in itself…….BUT it didn’t stop there! I was also asked if I would do a talk on our new sustainable tourism business to all of the guests.

How cool was that??

OK, I admit I was a tad nervous but what an opportunity, so after giving myself a good talking to (!) I sat down to write a 10 minute speech on how we are aiming as a business to be as sustainable and environmentally respectful as possible.

The event was being held at the wonderful Norfolk Wildlife Trust Visitors Centre at Cley-Next-the-Sea. A fitting place for such an event, although the weather on Sunday was rather wet and misty but it’s always a pleasure to visit the centre.

The Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre was full of partner’s and guests of the Norfolk Coast Partnership who were organising the event such as the RSPB, NWT, Chairs and Councillors of the different councils along the coast, Broads Authority, Natural England, Wells Harbour Committee, National Trust, Norfolk Trails and so many more. I was very glad to spot the lovely Sarah Pettigree of Bray’s Cottage who had made a celebration pork pie especially for the event. 

I was introduced following a couple of talks on the past 50 years, so made my way up to the front of the room to face the audience……..

Do you know what? I actually really enjoyed it (I think I managed to cover my nerves OK). It had been a great opportunity to reflect on our business and our ethos of being as environmentally respectful as possible. I’m going to write another blog on how we are achieving this due to the realisation that we really are heading in the right direction and would like to spend a bit of time putting the blog together.

I’m very pleased to say that I received lovely feedback from the audience, phew! The team from the Norfolk Coast Partnership are all so welcoming and couldn’t have given me more encouragement and support.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our AONB, The Norfolk Coast Partnership has worked with amazing Norfolk photographers and poets to produce the beautiful and inspiring book ‘Walk With Me…” along with badges and cards which you can purchase through their website.

BBC Radio Norfolk have made a wonderful film to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Click here to watch it.

Also, look out for the fabulous Norfolk Coast Guardian paper when you are out and about on the Norfolk Coast. It’s a great source of information of what to do and where to go along the Norfolk Coast and you can pick up a copy in a Tourist Information Centre and various other places along the coast. They have included 50 things to celebrate along the coast, so that should keep you busy this summer!

I still have to pinch myself sometimes to think of the amazing opportunities that are now coming my way plus all the inspirational people I get to meet.

I’ll leave you with a poem from the beautiful book ‘Walk with me…..”

I only went out for a walk
and finally concluded to stay out till sundown,
for going out I found,
I was really going in..

John Muir, 1838-1914.Naturalist, environmental philosopher and early campaigner to establish protected areas.


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