MarGins Walk and Glamping Holidays

Tent Elves on Tour

Question: What does a tent elf do when the season is over? Answer: Escapes in the elf-mobile! (AKA Starfire, our old but adorable motorhome) The Elf-Mobile Our second season was wonderful, we met so many lovely guests who all had amazing adventures on the beautiful Norfolk Coast but it was also extremely physically demanding so as soon as the season was over we were ready for a bit of escapism and Zzzzzzz. Our only plan was to turn right at the end of our drive (if we turn left we end up on the Norfolk Coast which obviously isn’t a bad thing but we were ready for our own adventure discovering new places), NO motorways, not travelling for more than 2 hours in a day and to stop and explore every county on route. This turned out to be the best plan ever and we were very fortunate to enjoy almost 3 weeks of exploring […]

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