MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Heart to Heart

The last 10 days have been a bit of a whirlwind for so many reasons. I think it’s fair to say ‘my adventure’ continues and I’m embracing and learning from every moment of it. Since my last blog so much has happened, such as purchasing a van that will become my ‘Glamp-mobile’, we’ve got more bookings and lot’s of interest in our holidays (phew!), forming some great partnerships with Norfolk business’s all along the Norfolk Coast Path (some that have the potential to offer quite unique packages to our guests) and much more. But the last week has really been a chance to reflect on my MarGins adventure and the realisation of where we’ve managed to get to in such a short period of time. Last Monday (13 February) I was contacted by The British Heart Foundation (BHF) to see if there was anything MarGins could do to support a guy called Kieran Sandwell who […]

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