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Bacton to Walcott Sandscaping Scheme 2019

OUR COASTLINE North Norfolk has a vibrant tourist economy which features a popular and sandy coastline. The district, which plays an essential role in the UK energy industry, boasts towns and villages of various sizes and with varied characteristics. For many thousands of years this coastline has been subject to beach and cliff erosion. In more recent times the coast has been protected with timber, rock and concrete sea defences. THE CHALLENGES As the coastline changes, we are faced with complicated decisions about how and where to defend. Economics, communities, the environment and physical geography all play a part in these decisions. Full ‘hard’ defences along the entire coast are not an option because they are not affordable or sustainable and can make erosion worse. Bacton Gas Terminal, which processes about one third of the UK’s gas, urgently needs to be protected against coastal erosion. The Shoreline Management Plan, which sets out how the coast […]

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