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Glampy - our extremely valued member of the team, our van.

MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

The time had come to decide what van to purchase to transport all our 'stuff'. I think the conversation went something like:
Gin - "I'd really like a VW transporter"
Mark - "What on our budget?!?! We have to get a van that will fit the tents in and everything else"

So, off we went to view a variety of vans to see which ones would meet our requirements and could afford. Would you believe the only van that would comfortably fit our tents in lengthwise was a VW 😲

After a lot of searching, we finally found one that looked in good condition in Peterborough. Off we went in my beloved Audi A1 that I would be trading in 😢 and did the deal.

MarGins Walking and Glamping HolidaysOver the following few weeks, Mark and a fabulous friend kitted out Glampy to fit everything in. They performed a miracle by providing a space for everything for up to 3 tents. We've only made a few tweaks over the 3 years we've had her.

I absolutely love driving Glampy up and down the coast. We often get people come over to us on campsites asking how the heck we pack everything in her......the answer is "very carefully and precisely"

I hope I'll be driving her again in the not too distant future......stay safe all x

MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

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