MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Story behind the pic 2

Glampy – our extremely valued member of the team, our van. The time had come to decide what van to purchase to transport all our ‘stuff’. I think the conversation went something like: Gin – “I’d really like a VW transporter” Mark – “What on our budget?!?! We have to get a van that will fit the tents in and everything else” So, off we went to view a variety of vans to see which ones would meet our requirements and could afford. Would you believe the only van that would comfortably fit our tents in lengthwise was a VW After a lot of searching, we finally found one that looked in good condition in Peterborough. Off we went in my beloved Audi A1 that I would be trading in and did the deal. Over the following few weeks, Mark and a fabulous friend kitted out Glampy to fit everything in. They performed a miracle […]

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