Story Behind the Pic – 1

Story Behind the Pic

March and April are usually a manic time for me, with enquiries and bookings coming in fast and getting all our equipment cleaned and ready to pack for the beginning of our season. BUT obviously all of that came to a complete stand still once the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all hard.

So, I’m using my time to do all the things I’ve wanted to do for a while but just haven’t had the time (or if I’m totally honest the motivation) such as reorganising all my electronic business files and having a good sort out of ALL my photos on my phone and there are a lot!

BUT I’ve found it’s been a very positive experience, that I really need during these difficult times. I’ve revisited my business journey and it’s brought back so many happy memories plus all the emotions of setting up a business which for me were anxiousness, excitement, doubt and belief all rolled in to one. It’s also given me the inspiration to share my journey with you and give you the Stories Behind the Pics.

So, todays photos are of Miss Brylie and I walking the 84 miles of the Norfolk Coast Path together early 2017, so I could write my Information Pack we send out to all our Walking Holiday guests.

MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Me and my girl

What lovely memories of such special times with my girl. Off we went each day, parking at our chosen end location and catching the coast hopper bus to the start point. Then off we’d go, Brylie loving exploring and me stopping to take photos and write in my notebook. I noted things that I thought I would like to know as a walker such as directions (obviously!), places to eat, where the toilets are, dog poop bins and so much more before stopping together for our packed lunch, soaking in our beautiful surroundings.

MarGins walking and glamping holidays north norfolk coast path

Lunch stop

We also spoke to local establishments we recommend our guests to stop for a bite to eat and drink or to buy some lovely local produce, chatting about our new business idea and receiving such positive feedback. Little did they know how much confidence they gave me to carry on.

MarGins walking and glamping holidays north norfolk coast path

Taking a breather

This will (fingers crossed) be our 4th season and Miss Brylie has been with me every step (and tent peg) of the way. Little Elfie has all of this to look forward to.

MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Miss Brylie has so much to teach Little Elfie

Wishing you all safety and health

x Gin, Mark, Miss Brylie and Little Elfie x

(AKA – The Norfolk Tent Elves)

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