Story behind the pic 3

Our Website: A very important element to starting a business but also a very daunting one when you have no idea where to start.

MarGins walking and glamping holidays north norfolk coast path

BUT how lucky am I to have a very talented Sister who builds websites and created a fabulous website for us, getting the look just right.
We love the logos she creates for all our holidays and the bunting across the top of the homepage is our actual bunting we use in our tents (made by my also very talented, Mother). The hard part for me was the wording. There wasn’t and still isn’t, another business like ours, so it was important to explain exactly what we do without it being too wordy and most importantly, encourage people to want to book!

My Sister taught me how to update wording and to post blogs but each year we sit down together and update it as the business develops.

Once the website was launched, it was then down to me to let people know about it BUT Social Media was an area I really didn’t know anything about or to be honest, enjoyed. BUT my Sister sat me down and without mincing her words said; “I’ve built your website but no one will know about it if you don’t tell them, so get your finger out and get on Social Media!”

So, I did! I can’t tell you how nervous I was writing my first posts but there is something quite special about telling people about something you’re very passionate about.

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