Muddy Stilettos Award Finalist

Muddy Stilettos Finalists

It’s been quite a year for us, first winning the Environment Award at The North Norfolk District Council Business Awards and then we were nominated for Best Boutique Stay in the Muddy Stilettos Norfolk Awards. I have to be honest, I was pretty shocked we were nominated in the first place but to make it into the final 5! Norfolk has some amazingly gorgeous places to stay and although our holidays are quite unique and exclusive I wouldn’t have thought our tents were classed as a boutique stay. BUT WOW! they were and we’re immensely proud to have got that far. A huge congratulations to all the Muddy Stilettos Award Winners and to The Norfolk Mead hotel who won the Best Boutique Stay category (totally get that!).

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West Norfolk Coastal Treasures

Coastal Treasures

Don’t you just love finding new walks to explore? The excitement of what you’ll see, hear, smell, find, feel…..not to mention the health benefits of just being at one with nature. This new book of walks and cycle routes created by The Norfolk Trails team and Norfolk Museum’s has been developed to take you to places you might never have known existed in the West Norfolk area, informing you about the interesting and historic facts along the way plus lots of other useful information: In July 2017, Norfolk County Council was awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund for the Coastal Treasures project. Coastal Treasures promotes sustainable tourism and new ways of accessing the wealth of heritage features in the coastal area between King’s Lynn and Burnham Overy, and beyond into inland north-west Norfolk. You’ll find maps for twelve walking routes and three cycling routes There are also downloadable .gpx files for users with […]

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MarGins walking and glamping holidays north norfolk coast path

The tent elf team!

  We are truly blessed this year to have a small but perfect team of enthusiastic and motivated tent elves. I’ve run a business before and know how attracting the right people to join your team is such an important element of your businesses success (or not!). MarGins holidays are based purely on logistics, providing essential equipment for our guests comfort and safety and thinking on your feet on a regular basis. We don’t work set hours and being a very small business, we really can’t afford to offer anyone full time employment.     We are delighted that David, a family friend, would like to support us again this year. His help last year was simply awesome and there were day’s I quite simply could not have coped without him……a storm on Happisburgh cliffs springs to mind!! This year we’re delighted to welcome on board Kelly who has an absolute zest for the outdoors, […]

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Muddy Stilettos Awards

Muddy Stiletto’s Award Nomination

How exciting and totally overwhelming to be nominated for the Norfolk Muddy Stiletto’s ‘Best Boutique Stay’ Award. As a small business providing glamping tents to walkers and people who love to explore our beautiful Norfolk coastline, it means so much to be recognised in such an ever expanding tourism business world. To be in with a chance of making it into the finals we do need your support. Please consider nominating us by the 8th May and then if we have enough nominations and make it into the final 5, it will be voting time, before finding out who has won on Thursday 23rd May! To make your nomination please click here. A huge THANK YOU from us Pesky Tent Elves, we really do appreciate all your support xx

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Deep History Coast

The Deep History Coast

Did you know that all of our Walking Holidays meander through some, if not all, of Norfolk’s Deep History Coast? Norfolk’s coast has revealed some of the most spectacular finds. Happisburgh is the oldest archaeological site in Northern Europe and West Runton yielded the most complete fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK. The soft clay cliffs of this part of Norfolk’s coast (between Weybourne and Cart Gap at Happisburgh) are considered the best place to study Ice Age geology in the UK – we have the fastest receding coastline in Europe. As soon as they appear, new finds can be worn down or buried; leaving archaeologists to do their work in a race against time and tide. Finds on the Deep History Coast have provided the earliest evidence for human occupation so far discovered in northern Europe. They place early humans here in Norfolk some 350,000 years earlier than had been thought. They also […]

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North Norfolk District Council

Award Winners!

We only went a won the Environment Award at the North Norfolk Business Awards 2019!  Respecting our environment has been at the heart of what we do from the very beginning, so we’re are incredibly proud (and overwhelmed) at receiving this award. Being sustainable has been a part of our lifestyle for quite a few years now. We’ve always loved upcyling, re-using or re-purposing ‘things’ but as it’s become more apparent that we all need to be making changes we’ve embraced the zero waste lifestyle as much as possible. It’s not made easy for any of us though with so much single use plastics, most fruit and vegetables wrapped in unnecessary plastics in supermarkets (sometimes twice!) and the cost to buy separately, not in plastic packaging, more expensive (why!?), what we can and can’t recycle is confusing and different in every county (and district in some cases) and so much more. But, as with many […]

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Gin the Tent Elf Walk and Glamp

Thank You 2018

Seeing some of the great #2018bestnine posts on Instagram really got me reflecting on our second season and what we’ve achieved this year. We can be very quick to linger on the negatives that we don’t celebrate the positives, so I’d like to share with you some positive moments for MarGins during 2018: In January we met the fabulously inspiring team from The Outdoor Guide at the Destinations Show in London and Julia Bradbury. Julia’s love for the big outdoors stems from walking the countryside with her father when she was young. This really resonated with me as my zest for adventure and exploring the big outdoors, also comes from my wonderful late fathers attitude to enjoying the simple things in life       We were finalists in the North Norfolk District Council Business Awards 2018. It was a wonderful event to attend and we felt very proud to have been considered for an […]

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Walk and Glamp walking holidays

Seal season

You are almost guaranteed a sighting of a grey seal when you visit the Norfolk Coast any time of year. They are incredibly nosey and will have usually spotted you before you spot them. But during autumn and winter you will witness an absolutely magical scene of females giving birth to their pups along 2 sections of the Norfolk Coast: Blakeny Point – The Norfolk Coast National Trust’s latest count of pups this season already on Blakeney Point is a whopping 2,136. If you would like to visit them the best way is by boat from Morston Quay. Horsey – I used to live very close to Horsey beach and would regularly go to see the seals during the late 1990’s where we would have the beach all to ourselves and sit and watch up to 20 gorgeous seal pups with their mothers. Today is a totally different story, the grey seal colony is rising […]

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MarGins Walk and Glamping Holidays

Tent Elves on Tour

Question: What does a tent elf do when the season is over? Answer: Escapes in the elf-mobile! (AKA Starfire, our old but adorable motorhome) The Elf-Mobile Our second season was wonderful, we met so many lovely guests who all had amazing adventures on the beautiful Norfolk Coast but it was also extremely physically demanding so as soon as the season was over we were ready for a bit of escapism and Zzzzzzz. Our only plan was to turn right at the end of our drive (if we turn left we end up on the Norfolk Coast which obviously isn’t a bad thing but we were ready for our own adventure discovering new places), NO motorways, not travelling for more than 2 hours in a day and to stop and explore every county on route. This turned out to be the best plan ever and we were very fortunate to enjoy almost 3 weeks of exploring […]

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MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Deepdale Festival 2018

Wow! Another great Music Festival at Deepdale Backpackers and Camping. It’s an absolute honour setting up our glamping tents for guests to enjoy these fabulous weekends celebrating local artists and musicians in such a beautiful setting. These festivals are fast becoming the ‘must go to’ event on the North Norfolk Coast so if you would like to book one of our glamping tents or accommodation at Deepdale Backpackers and Camping then you may want to do it sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Guest feedback: “What a lovely way to camp with our dogs. Everything thought of including dog beds the right size for our Labradors and mats for them to sit on so they didn’t get too cold and plenty of dog blankets and towels. Good to us too! Things we hadn’t thought of were provided and made all the difference. Fleece sleeping bag liners to cosy up in and hot water bottles […]

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