Finding our ‘Hygge’

Just taking a moment after another busy week, to reflect on this time last weekend….

The weather was gorgeous, the North Norfolk Coast as stunning as ever and we displayed our glamping tents for the very first time to the public.

The venue was the popular Deepdale Backpackers and Campsite, who were holding their very first Hygge Festival. It was a weekend celebrating great local music, food, drink and making new friends (and memories) plus promoting activities for all on the North Norfolk Coast. There was also the Dalegate Spring Market next door with shops and stalls full of Norfolk handmade produce from delicious chutneys, tea, charcuterie to origami and beautiful jewellery.

Putting our tent up for the very first time was a pretty memorable moment for us. In a way, it’s like displaying a piece of art or writing. Whilst it’s in the making, you completely own it and it’s part of your journey developing it towards an end product, and then you’re ready to go public and completely open to other people’s reactions and opinion’s.

The day couldn’t have gone any better though. We were completely overwhelmed by peoples reactions and comments to our new business idea and our glamping accommodation. We spoke to lot’s of amazing people and had great opportunities to network with other local business’s all offering great opportunities on the North Norfolk Coast (Retro Campers, National Trust, Norfolk etc, RSPB to name a few).

Our glamping tents


Matt Watson, who we will be supporting on his The Endless Coastline Tour 2017 at the end of May, came to visit us and check out his accommodation plus he was performing too. Read his blog of all the awesome bands at the Hygge Festival here.

Matt Watson

The team at Deepdale Backpackers and Campsite worked so hard in putting a great agenda together and couldn’t have been more helpful. We are truly grateful for all the support they have given us in setting up our new business.

So, the question is “Did we find our Hygge at Deepdale?”

Answer: a most definite “Yes”

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