MarGins Accessible Glamping

Accessible glamping

Since launching MarGins Holidays, being able to welcome as many people on our holidays as possible has been very important to us. But being a new business and quite a unique one, we really needed to concentrate on getting our ‘service’ right first before we could explore ways of making our tents and ultimately our holidays more accessible to all. Feedback has always been very positive in what we include in our tents. By supplying almost everything that guests will need for a hassle free luxury camping holiday, means we are attracting guests who haven’t camped before, guests who wanted to camp with friends and family and guests just wanting a camping holiday without the hassle of buying everything and having nowhere to store it all especially if they only want a few days away camping a year. So after a couple of years in business and gaining more of an understanding of what we […]

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MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Meeting Julia

Walking is so ‘in’ right now! Did you see ITV’s Britains 100 Favourite Walks? A whole two and a half hours of walking inspiration. Who would have thought that walking programmes would make prime time TV? Julia Bradbury has played a big part in making walking so popular and I must have watched most, if not all, of her programmes on walking. Wainwrights Walks, Countryfile, Best Walks with a View, Britains Best Walks….. Last weekend we were very lucky to meet Julia Bradbury at The Destinations Show at Olympia in London. Julia was interviewed on the Stanfords Travel Writers Show stage, talking very openly about her passion for walking and where it all started. It was her father who encouraged her to go on walking adventures with him when she was quite young. This really hit home for me, I have such lovely memories of my late father encouraging us to ‘get outside and explore’ […]

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