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MarGins Walking and Glamping holidays has emerged from a love of being in the big outdoors and exploring what it has to offer.

I’m Gin, my husband is Mark and our adored pooch is Brylie. We’ve always enjoyed our holidays that give us a true appreciation of experiencing where we are by being able to immerse ourselves in the local area without any restrictions. We all spend most of our lives watching the time so we can be somewhere ‘important’ at a certain time to do a certain thing, so we’re big believers that you should break rules when you go on holiday and not have to ‘clock watch’!

I (Gin) have always had a passion for walking. I appreciate the freedom it gives you and the opportunities to explore that you just don’t have when you’re confined to a vehicle. I love nothing more than putting my boots on and stepping out into the big outdoors with Brylie in all weathers throughout any season. Everyday a new opportunity for adventure.

A few years ago my passion for walking was challenged when I was diagnosed with hip displacia in both hips. My mobility had been deteriorating for a while but thanks to a fantastic surgeon and a restructured pelvis I was able to start my recovery and build up my strength to do what I loved best – walking.

Since then my passion and appreciation for walking has grown and grown and I gradually extended the distances. I was able to finish the beautiful Norfolk Coast Path, which I had to put on hold a few years previously due to my limited mobility, I also went on to complete other way marked walks in Norfolk.  During June 2016 I challenged myself to do a long distance walk with a good friend.  We completed all 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall in 5 days loving every moment (even with sore muscles!).  The feeling of achievement on completing a challenge like this is immense and I just wish it could be bottled!

We live in beautiful Norfolk and I have walked the Norfolk Coast Path a few times now. Every time the sheer beauty of the coastline and its diversity never seizes to amaze me.

So after working for a charity for 10 years I was unexpectedly made redundant in June 2016.  This gave me time to reassess and I decided it was time to do something completely different and to think about setting up a business that could assist others in making memories.

After doing the research we found that there was a gap in the market for walkers who also wanted to experience sleeping under the big skies of Norfolk whilst walking the Coast Path.  So MarGin’s Walk and Glamp was born…….

We do hope you will come and experience what we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep and enjoy a memorable glamping adventure.

“Let us worry about the Glamp whilst you enjoy the Walk”

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