My adventure…..

We’re now into the middle of January, the first few weeks have flown by and MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays is into its second month of business.



“What geese?”

Beautiful Blakeney







Last week we welcomed our very first MarGins guests to the wonderful Norfolk Coast. We arranged a bespoke package for them to walk from Hunstanton to Cley-next-the-Sea over 3 days with their dog.

Our guests were sisters wanting to share some quality time together as they both live opposite sides of the world and only had a short time together in the UK, so there were high expectations of the service from MarGins and the Norfolk Coastline….in January! No pressure!

But, it couldn’t have gone any better. They fell in love with the Norfolk Coast! My heart skipped a beat when one of the sisters said “I think I’ve found my spiritual home, this has been the highlight of my trip to the UK, and probably of my year“.

Since then, the bookings are starting to come in with some amazing comments; “it’s the perfect blend of holiday – someone to carry your bags and make the arrangements combined with camping and walking in North Norfolk!”

My adventure- what’s yours?

I’ve been asked a few times how it feels to set up a completely new business and up till now I’ve struggled to find an answer that I feel sums up how I’m actually feeling. I have been saying that it’s “scary and exciting all rolled into one” but after some reflection I’ve realised the answer is:

An adventure; An unusual and exciting or daring experience (Oxford dictionary)

I like that……..Gin x

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