MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

Introducing…Little Elfie

We’re very excited to introduce to you, the newest member (and teeny tiniest member) of the MarGins Tent Elf family, Little Elfie! Do you like the name?? We just couldn’t resist it and she really does suit it. We’d been talking about getting another pooch for a few years but always ended up talking ourselves out of it, mainly due to worrying that Miss Brylie wouldn’t accept another dog in the family and the last thing we wanted to do was upset our beautiful girl. Miss Brylie is such a good girl, we can take her anywhere. The only problem was with other dogs coming to our home. She has a dominant side that just doesn’t accept another adult dog in our home that well. We hoped that deciding to introduce her to a puppy wouldn’t be seen as a threat but more of a “what the heck is that?” and hoping her maternal side […]

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