New Year resolutions…..

This week I’ve been reflecting on that question “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” It’s quite a personal question really and we may not want to share our resolutions with just anyone. I never liked the question because we have a tendency to set our expectations for change quite high, such as losing weight, joining the gym etc. and then if we don’t ‘succeed’ we see it as a failure leading to low self-esteem and confidence in our ability’s. I was at a New Year’s party in 2014 having this exact conversation with a good friend and neighbour, which admittedly was fuelled by a few drinks. It led onto a discussion on things we’d both like to achieve rather than what we think we should be doing. That was when we shook hands on a resolution that for me, was going to lead onto the beginnings of setting up MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays. We both […]

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