Help for Homeless Hounds

MarGins Walking and Glamping HolidaysWe love welcoming dogs on our holidays. I can't imagine not including my gorgeous Miss Brylie when we plan our holidays. They love the adventure and change of scenery as much as we do.

The bond we have with our dogs is incredibly special. The unconditional love they give us without any judgement is invaluable and needed, especially after a long or difficult day.

Living on the streets is not something that thankfully, most of us will ever experience or understand. So having the companionship of a pet, I can only imagine, can be the one thing that gives you a reason to carry on each day and care for your friend and soul mate.

Earlier this year I spent some time chatting with a lady on Brick Lane in London who had a dog and a cat. They are her world but the challenges she has on a day to day basis to keep them both was unimaginable. There was only one hostel that she could go to that accepted both cats and dogs but beds were so limited that nights spent there were quite rare. She spoke of them being her reason to live each day due to so many events in her life turning negative and finding herself on the streets.

My time spent with her really impacted on me, so when I saw a post on Facebook recently about a small community group in Norwich raising funds to help support dogs on the streets and their owners, it made perfect sense to make them our charity of 2020 and donate a percentage of the cost of dogs who enjoy our holidays.

What do Help for Homeless Hounds do? Collect donations of food, coats, collars etc for the dogs of  homeless people and anyone who is struggling.

This is what the wonderful Vicky told me about what they do when I contacted her;

"What we do is pretty small but helps homeless and vulnerable people to feed their dogs and cats, kind of like a food bank and soup run for animals, there are these things in place for people but their furry companions get a bit overlooked. We also provide collars, leads, dog coats and other bits and pieces but it's mainly food. 

Some of our friends are street homeless and others are in hostels, temporary accommodation, sofa surfing and others are just struggling financially and need a little help from time to time".

So, if you bring your gorgeous furry friends with you on one of our holidays throughout 2020, 25% of the cost of their holiday will be donated to Help for Homeless Hounds. 

Or, you can help them now by donating food or other vital items by purchasing from their wish list on Amazon 

We look forward to welcoming you and your pooches on our holidays in 2020 and helping to support these beautiful pooches and their hoomans

Help for Homeless Hounds

Help for Homeless Hounds - Norwich

Help for Homeless Hounds work closely with The Peoples Picnic: A collective group of people dedicated to making sure the less fortunate and vulnerable are not forgotten in society by directly providing meals and other essentials to those in need directly from the street in the Haymarket area of Norwich! Let’s put the unity back in community!


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