MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays

MarGins Family Glamping

Since launching MarGins Walking and Glamping Holidays we’ve often been asked if we can accommodate families. Our standard set up is for 2 people in our wonderful safari style tents, which is perfect for people wanting to walk the Norfolk Coast Path or couples fancying a hassle free Glamping holiday but this wasn’t a suitable option for families. So! how could we start to accommodate families without changing our tents and keeping the unique look and feel of a MarGins holiday? Oztent, as usual, had the answer. They have produced a ‘connector strip’ which zips 2 Oztents together to provide ample space for 4 people (more if there are little children). Result!! I met up with Andy from Enjoy North Norfolk for a coffee in Holt and it soon became apparent we both shared a great love of Norfolk and the North Norfolk Coast, wanting to provide people with unique opportunities to fully experience all […]

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