Deep History Coast

The Deep History Coast

Did you know that all of our Walking Holidays meander through some, if not all, of Norfolk’s Deep History Coast? Norfolk’s coast has revealed some of the most spectacular finds. Happisburgh is the oldest archaeological site in Northern Europe and West Runton yielded the most complete fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK. The soft clay cliffs of this part of Norfolk’s coast (between Weybourne and Cart Gap at Happisburgh) are considered the best place to study Ice Age geology in the UK – we have the fastest receding coastline in Europe. As soon as they appear, new finds can be worn down or buried; leaving archaeologists to do their work in a race against time and tide. Finds on the Deep History Coast have provided the earliest evidence for human occupation so far discovered in northern Europe. They place early humans here in Norfolk some 350,000 years earlier than had been thought. They also […]

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