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When Pebble Magazine came to Norfolk

I love the whole ethos behind Pebble Magazine: Being good to the planet often means starting small and being good to ourselves. Supporting businesses that have developed fairer ways of trading and making choices that lighten the load of your life on the planet. What we’d really like is just to say we’re a magazine about living a good life full of adventures and for all this talk of eco this and ethical that not be needed any more, because it’s just the way we all do things.  Winning the Environment Award at the North Norfolk DC Business Awards this year was one of our proudest moments, so when Georgina (founder and editor of Pebble Magazine) and her partner agreed to experience our new Sandmartin Walking Holiday we were absolutely thrilled plus interested to find out what they thought of our sustainable tourism business ethos. I think it’s fair to say they both had an […]

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